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Marcello Ravenna

He uses to smile and to never wear neckties. He knows every board and card game under the sun and he's almost always the winner. He uses to keep some colored building bricks in his pocket in order to play with them when he has to reflect about something. He owns a huge quantity of wargames miniatures, an innate practical sense and the wonderful ability to find the bright side of every situation.

Marcello Ravenna is a Chemical Technical Specialist. For a few years he worked in the graphics sector and later dealt with events and marketing of recreational and educational material. He organized courses in educational robotics and for several years he was coach of the robotics team of the ITTL Nautico San Giorgio in Genoa. Always fond of software, he started programming at the age of 14 with his first Spectrum computer and he never stopped.

For Teiga he is Senior Programmer and CEO.